BWF-Widget gathers Metadata and Time-Code from Broadcast Wave Files

BWF-D-Base is a companion program to BWF-Widget and BWF-Widget Pro that is designed to work with the Tab Delimited data files saved by both of those programs.

Unlike BWF-Widget, the actual sound files do not need to be accessible in order to work with the metadata that was read from them and saved in the data files. You can load any number of the data files from any number of disks into a single grid.  The Data files do not have to have the same fields in the same order in order to properly categorize the data from the different disks or folders.  Once you have all the data files loaded into the grid you can sort the data on any field, or bring up the search window to create sub-Grids which contain specific data you are looking for.   Search results can be saved as new data files or printed as reports.  As in BWF-Widget and BWF-Widget Pro, the saved data files are simple text files with Tab delimited fields with a single Carriage Return at the end of each record.  These compound files can be loaded back into BWF-D-Base at a later time or they can be imported to any spreadsheet or database program.

For more complete information on BWF-D-Base examine the Operation Instructions.

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