BWF-Widget gathers Metadata and Time-Code from Broadcast Wave Files

BWF-Widget's Flexible
User Interface:

Small window mode takes up minimal screen space for use with other programs like word processors for logging or playing files for transcription.

Completely intuitive point and click interface lets you navigate to different folders and view the metadata for individual files without ever typing a filename or having to deal with nested menus.

Most functions can be carried out with a mouse click or press of a Hot-Key combo.

The Window can be expanded to include the Time-Code Window and Data-Grid where the metadata is loaded for all files in the folder and sorted and arranged in a variety of ways.

Double-clicking on any line item in the Data-Grid automatically calls up all meta data in panel on left and plays the file with it's time code and scene and take data visible in the large floating Time Code window.  The small green tracker bar not only shows you your position in the take but can be used to change your position in the file by dragging it with the mouse to quickly move to any time code or position in the file.

The Raw Data window shows you all the raw un-parsed metadata stored in the broadcast wave chunk of the file.  This is useful for viewing and gathering metadata unique to a particular brand of recorder that may not appear in the grid. Text in the Raw Data Window can be selected and copied and pasted in other programs.

Full screen mode will size to any resolution screen to afford the maximum viewing space for manipulating the data in the Grid. Color options in the grid allow you to easily see where the data in the in the sorted column changes.(Shown here sorted by scene number so every time the scene number changes the colors change to help you see at a glance scenes that have only a small number of takes etc.)

The Time Code window is fully floating and can be dragged and sized for viewing Time Code during playback at a distance or used as a Time-Code slate for music video playback jobs.

The Options menu allows you to control program features and data-grid composition As well as changing colors for the grid and TC window.

When the "Flag Overlapping or duplicate Time Code" box is checked BWF-Widget will highlight in RED any file that overlaps or contains duplicate time-code to the previous file in the list.  These files could create a paradox for automated syncing systems.

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