BWF-Widget gathers Metadata and Time-Code from Broadcast Wave Files

All the Features of BWF-Widget plus professional features like:

      • The ability to Edit Metadata in the file as well as add notes to the Data Grid.
      • Click to Create  detailed Sound Reports which can be printed out and  included on Dailies Disk in PDF format.
      • Supports Cue / Markers in Metadata and for Playback.
      • Track ID's supported in Metadata - View Track Labels for up to 10 Tracks.
      • File Management - Copy files by choosing them from the sorted Data Grid.
      • Gather Metadata from all files in Subfolders into a single Database.
      • Find Files - Assemble a list of all files that contain a Time Code or Track ID.
      • Support for iXML Metadata viewing and editing.
      • Debug & Tweak Window with advanced tools like Pull Down and Pull Up.
      • Playback cuing - Drop markers in file for Playback Cues when auditioning.
      • Off Speed Playback with Time Code Display. Automatically calculate playback speed for any camera frame rate. Time-Code tracks properly to maintain sync playback using LCD Monitor as TC Slate.
      • Chunk Viewer lets you view the raw data from all the chunks in the file.
      • Automatic Countdown Beeps for Music Cue  or ADR Playback.
      • Batch processing of pull-up and pull-down of sample rate.
      • Batch file re-naming with Scene and Take numbers incorporated into the filename.
      • Batch MP3 Encoder with Time Code and Metadata carried to new compressed file
      • MP3 playback for transcription or logging with running time code matching the original Broadcast Wave File.
      • Playback of MPEG compressed BWF files. playback of WMA files with running Timecode offset.
      • Automatically stores Time Code on clipboard each time you play or pause the files. for easy pasting into Transcript


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